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30 April 12

The results of the 2012 Chilly Willy are now available - click here for the Men's reults and here for Ladies results

Photographs of the winners - here.


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Contact Our Physio - James Duffin

James Duffin is joining Action4menshealth as our resident physio. You can contact James by emailing him here.

James writes about himself below....

I first became interested in physiotherapy at the age of 15. Following a sports injury I underwent a medial meniscus arthroscopy on my right knee. The support and encouragement of the staff and physiotherapists at the hospital was a positive experience and not only aided my recovery but also focused my determination to study physiotherapy as a career.

My academic and clinical education at the University of Nottingham (BSc Physiotherapy) provided a sound foundation to my studies and I experienced many situations, which have helped me mature as an individual and a professional. A terrific experience. I have a determined attitude and a positive outlook on life, which I feel can inspire confidence in patients. I have always enjoyed working with other people and I have a strong sense of motivation and focus, which I have been told is infectious. My most rewarding time has been on placement in a special needs school where I found my work most rewarding and yet most challenging, something I would like to return to.

I am passionate about sport and a keen sportsman, a member of the local gym, and I keep to a healthy lifestyle. I have always been a member of school, University and local football teams and played tennis at County level.

As a student I have travelled across much of Europe and South East Asia. I enjoy travelling and want to experience as much of the world, its people and cultures as possible. I like to take advantage of every opportunity and have enjoyed much that the City of Nottingham and University life offered, theatre, concerts and sporting events. Wherever possible I have worked, at weekends and during vacations, for a promotional company this has taken me to various Exhibitions and Sporting Events countrywide.

I had a long-term goal to work for a professional sports organisation. During the Easter vacation (2006) I spent time shadowing the England football and Arsenal head physiotherapist, and this re-enforced my ambition to reach professional sports injury management. However, since completing my student placements I have discovered new areas of interest that I had previously paid no attention to. Therefore, at this stage I cannot be certain on where my physiotherapy practice will lead. I am very keen to pursue a successful career within the NHS to develop my professional ability and experience, and am always open and willing to work in an area that I am unfamiliar with.

I consider myself to be a well-organised, enthusiastic newly-qualified physiotherapist looking to utilise my developed professional competencies and interpersonal skills in a challenging health care environment. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to hearing from you all and I will aim to fully answer any questions within three days….

James Duffin BSc MCSP