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30 April 12

The results of the 2012 Chilly Willy are now available - click here for the Men's reults and here for Ladies results

Photographs of the winners - here.



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Two consultant urologists, a personal trainer and a nurse, all living locally around Peterborough have decided to combine their professional careers and their love of sport to form a charity concerned with men’s health issues.

Janine Nethercliffe and Chris Dawson both consultant urologist working at Edith Cavell Hospital in Peterborough and their respective spouses, Jonathan Sheehan and Claire Dawson have formed Action4menshealth. This local charity is designed to inform men about men’s health issues.

Chris and Janine both deal with prostate cancer, testicular cancer, erectile dysfunction, and men’s urinary problems every day of their working life. “I’m always surprised to realise how many men do not know where their prostate is or what it does” says Janine. “Chris and I hope to use this charity to help inform men about their particular health issues”. Jonathan, a personal trainer adds “most of my clients are women; I would hope to encourage more men to take their health seriously”. The charity is about health and lifestyle but geared to a more male approach, “many men are like ostriches when it comes to their health, it is often their partners who have to encourage them to seek medical advice”. The charity hopes to use a variety of ways to get the information across including a website with a forum for asking questions, many men do not have the time to visit their doctors or are embarrassed if it is a sensitive issue, the information and forum on the website will enable some of their concerns to be answered.

Further events are scheduled so please keep in touch by visiting our website for updated content.

The 2012 Chilly Willy Race was held on Sunday 22nd April - Click here for the men's reults (Chilly Willy) and here for the ladies' results (Chilly Filly)